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Will 'Desperate' husbands survive the final season?

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Will Carlos, Mike or Tom survive the final season of "Desperate Housewives"?

Who can outwit, outplay and outlast the others?

No, this isn't about “Survivor,” although that’s what the men on Wisteria Lane are calling their last season on “Desperate Housewives,” which begins its final season on Sept. 25 on ABC.

“Doug (Savant), Ricardo (Antonio Chavira) and I have all been playing our version of ‘Survivor’ over the years, and it isn’t over yet,” said James Denton, who plays Susan’s husband, Mike Delfino. “One of us might not make it.”

A “Housewives” insider confirmed to TODAY.com the women of Wisteria Lane are safe until the end, but wouldn’t vouchsafe the house spouses.

“We are hoping we’ll have a pulse until the very end,” Denton said. “We need to do a dead pool.”

Dead pool? Let's dip our toes into those waters. 

Carlos Solis

He’s been cheated on and mistreated through his entire run on the show. Wife Gaby may have been sleeping with the teenage lawn boy in the pilot, but until recently, Carlos hasn’t exactly been the poster boy for ethical behavior. Over the years, he's been blinded, lost his fortune -- and gained both back -- and has become almost respectable.  This season he’s dealing with the guilt of killing Gaby’s stepfather, who sexually assaulted her when she was a young girl, and involving the other housewives in the cover-up. The first season started with the suicide of narrator Mary Alice because she was guilt-ridden over a murder. Maybe Carlos, who is distraught over his latest misdeed, will end his own life.  No matter how he bites it in the end, he’s top pick in the pool. Circle of life, baby.

Mike Delfino

There’s always been a dark side to ex-con Mike, and now he’s getting into business with his new wealthy, ruthless neighbor Ben Faulkner, played by Charles Mesure.  Denton also revealed that Mike's going back to his character’s shady roots.  Can a tiger really change his stripes? You can’t domesticate a cat like Delfino, and making him go out in a blaze of glory would be right in the “Desperate Housewives” wheelhouse.

Tom Scavo

Through the whole run of the show, his overbearing wife, Lynette, has emotionally battered mousy Tom.  Now that they have separated and are headed for divorce, there’s little point in making Lynette a widow.  The only way Tom leaves the lane in a box is if the writers opt to wipe out the entire male population -- which wouldn’t be a huge shocker.

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