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Will Bob Benson return to 'Mad Men'? Actor James Wolk would 'love to be back'

James Wolk appears at the Television Critics Association summer press tour for his new CBS comedy "The Crazy Ones."

If actor James Wolk doesn't reprise his role as "Mad Men's" enigmatic, hilarious Bob Benson, there is only one appropriate response.

Not great, Bob.

But don't give up hope -- even though Wolk just landed a role opposite Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar on the new CBS comedy "The Crazy Ones," which premieres on Sept. 26.

"If they want me (back on 'Mad Men'), we can certainly try to make something happen," the actor said, following the new comedy's uproarious press conference during the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

"It's in their hands," he added, "but I loved working on ('Mad Men') and I'd love to be back there."

"That was a joy -- working on that show was incredible," Wolk told TODAY.com. "I've been a fan of that show, so to come in and get a role like that really felt like a gift. It was just a great experience."

The beaming coffee-bearer was an overnight fan phenomenon, with speculation rife about the inscrutable charmer.

"Immortal time-traveling madman -- that was my favorite one," Wolk said during the press conference in one of the few moments when he wasn't buckled over with laughter at co-star Williams' wisecracks.

But he admitted to TODAY.com, "I try to stay away from the online stuff, because anything that you believe that's good, you have to believe the bad stuff too. That said, I am a human being operating in the world, and all my family members and friends would relay that to me, and it was exciting to see that response."

Although Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) eventually exposed his nemesis as a fraud, Wolk said he didn't know exactly where the character headed. "I knew it in stages; it was unfolded to me as we went along."

When it was all revealed that his story paralleled Don Draper's own identity theft, "it was just great to see it all come together like that," Wolk said.

While Bob's fate at Sterling Cooper & Partners is uncertain, Wolk can now be seen shilling McDonald's for the family-operated firm in "The Crazy Ones."

"I only do ad agencies now," the actor quipped. "I only do strictly marketing and advertising."

That's not all though. He also chews the scenery with singer Kelly Clarkson, who appears in the pilot episode.

And, yes, Wolk can sing, too.