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Will Bale’s tirade crush his Oscar dreams?

Russell Crowe hasn't seen any Oscar nominations since his phone-throwing incident. Will Christian Bale's blowup condemn him to the same fate?
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Could the now infamous (and incredibly well re-mixed) Christian Bale blowup on the set of “Terminator: Salvation” ruin his chances of scoring an Oscar nod in the coming year?

Sure, Hollywood is no stranger to bad behavior — Russell Crowe cornered the market on that. And although a rant here or there doesn’t preclude you from getting plum roles, Crowe certainly hasn’t seen any Academy love since his phone-throwing incident. His work in “3:10 to Yuma” and “American Gangster” both scored SAG nominations, but no Oscar nominations.

Over at The Envelope, the L.A. Times' Oscar Weblog, Tom O'Neil discusses the collective Oscar snobbery toward other Hollywood hellions, such as Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton and Marlon Brando. If O’Neil is right, it’s probably high time for Bale to do some damage control if he he’s hoping for an Oscar nod in the coming years. "Terminator Salvation" may have not been his golden-statuette ticket, but Bale's John Dillinger film, "Public Enemies" (directed by Michael Mann and co-starring Johnny Depp), coming later this year, has been mentioned as an Oscar contender.

But more on the Bale incident itself: after talking to several actors — mild-mannered ones at that — it seems like it’s fair to present another side of the story.

According to one, “Listen: every actor has meltdowns at different points in their career, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that after (director of photography) Shane (Hurlbut) had walked through his shot several times already. Bale’s getting big bucks for trying to conjure up an imaginary post-apocalyptic world, and he takes his job seriously. I’ve seen that kind of meltdown happen before,” says the actor. “What’s more difficult to excuse is that he went after the guy for so long.” Touché.

Brangelina goes to TokyoBoth Jolie and Pitt are up for best actor Oscars — her for “Changeling” and him for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” — and appearances suggest they are as caring toward each other as they are toward their children.

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Celebrity Sightings

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At the Jan. 29 Tokyo premiere of "Button," Pitt told an Us Weekly reporter, “I’m actually happier that Angie is nominated!”

But back to the kids: While Pitt was busy promoting “Button,” Jolie took the kids to toy store Kiddy Land, where she bought Zahara and Shiloh crawling electric babies. Pitt later stopped by the store to pick up Japanese toys for Maddox and Pax. (Seven-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne stayed in the Western hemisphere.)

Cannon fine with ‘Mr. Carey’The uxorious Nick Cannon got "Mariah" tattooed on his back soon after he wed pop star Mariah Carey, acts as her bodyguard at events, and doesn't even seem to mind the nickname he's earned.

"I make fun of me all the time," he told In Touch Weekly. "I'm like, 'call me Mr. Carey, who cares?'"

Cannon's next career move? Directing a video for his wife's new single, "My Love."

Dancing with the newly rehabbedFormer "Jackass" star Steve-O is celebrating his release from a California mental institution, where he spent four months recovering from drug abuse last year, by appearing on the eighth season of "Dancing With the Stars."

"Steve-O is taking his dancing very seriously," a source told OK! "He's committed to living a healthy, wholesome life, and that includes mastering the classic moves of dance!"

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