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Will Andrew Lloyd Webber be the next Simon?

Will Simon Cowell meet his match? The buzz is that another mega-producer Brit wants to go head-to-head with Cowell on U.S. turf.
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Will Simon Cowell meet his match? The buzz is that another mega-producer Brit wants to go head-to-head with Cowell on U.S. turf.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, the man behind the hit musical "Phantom of the Opera," says that he has been swamped by offers for an American TV show and adds that he has a “major announcement” to make in the next few weeks.

“The thought of spending three months in the U.S. is not necessarily what I want at my age,” the 59-year-old told the London Daily Mail. “On the other hand, it’s a fantastic opportunity. If it’s the right offer, I think I will say yes.”

He had some unkind words for his “American Idol” rival: “One idea is that I should go into high schools and find young talent. ... we are not like Simon Cowell.We nurture; we don’t torture.”

Hermione actress wrestled with decision to returnEmma Watson is addressing those rumors that she dragged her feet in signing up for the "Order of the Phoenix" installment of the Harry Potter films: they’re true.

But Watson insists that cash wasn’t the reason.

“People underestimate what a big decision this was for me,” the seventeen-year-old  actress who plays Hermione Granger told Parade. “This is the next three or four years of my life. Being in the spotlight and the lack of freedom are the sort of things that held me back. People will see that as ungrateful, but you never know until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes.”

Notes from all overBruce Willis is blasting those rumors that he dated Lindsay Lohan. “I don’t pay attention to the gossip anymore. I don’t look at it or let it in my house,’ the "Die Hard" star told the London Mirror.  “Setting the record straight, I couldn’t care less. Because no matter how many times I tell you I had nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan and never laid a finger on her — she just hung out with my younger daughter Tallulah for a minute — it’s still gonna be set in stone.”  ...  Cameron Diaz wasn’t happy with what the writers of "Shrek" were doing with her ogre character. “What I realized is that once [Princess Fiona and Shrek] got married, there was a little bit of the nag happening,” the voice of Princess Fiona told the Glasgow Evening Times. So she had a word with the writers. “Fiona is somebody who I really respect. I want to protect her even though she is an animated character.”  ... Dane Cook told Elle Magazine about his worst romance. “It was one of those relationships where, as the months went by, I just kept thinking, There’s something wrong here,” the comedian told the mag. “It kept getting weirder until the day I came off the road a little early and heard some noises coming from her basement. Let’s just say she and another dude were having a good time without me. It was the worst possible ending, like going to Disneyland, getting on Space Mountain, and having it fly off the tracks.”

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