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Will Andrea Bocelli serenade TomKat?

Will one of the world’s most famous singers croon at TomKat’s wedding?
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Will one of the world’s most famous singers croon at TomKat’s wedding?

Tom Cruise is pulling out all the stops for his top-of-the-line nuptials, and has reportedly booked the 15th century castle Odescalchi outside of Rome for the event; Giorgio Armani is designing the clothes; and now the buzz in Italy is that famed tenor Andrea Bocelli has agreed to sing at the wedding.

Bocelli has confirmed to Italian press that he has been invited to attend the ceremony, but  won’t comment on word that he’ll sing there.

Meanwhile, though, there are reports that socialites and celebs in Italy are angling for an invite to the event, which is said to be a three-day celebration at the castle.

“Several of the aristocratic female friends of Princess Odescalchi, owner of the castle location, apparently went to her and asked to work for free as hostesses at the wedding,” reports the Italian news service, Ansa. “The princess’ response to the response to the requests of her friends was: ‘No thank you. I don’t even know if I’m going to be invited myself.’”

Cruise’s spokesman told The Scoop that he wasn’t commenting on anything involving the TomKat wedding.

Blonde defends blondePamela Anderson is defending her friend and co-star .

Anderson and Richards have been filming “Blond and Blonder” in Vancouver, Canada, when Richards — angry at some paparazzi — threw a couple of their laptops from a balcony, causing minor injuries to two elderly women below.

“Can’t believe set is surrounded by loser paparazzi — not Canadian — all American and European ... Leave us alone!!!” the Canadian-born Anderson noted. “They are being super idiots!!! Yelling rude stuff. They need to really go home! What is the big deal? All these big hairy men attacking us girls. [Bleep] holes!!!”

Anderson described the incident, even though she says she didn’t actually see it: “Paparazzi were shouting out ‘no wonder you can’t keep a relationship together’ to Denise. Denise walked up to them. They threatened her and something happened. A computer bounced off the floor and pieces went everywhere, from what I hear. Thank God no one was hurt. I didn’t see it as I was too busy yelling at my producer . Normally I don’t care, but I feel protective of Denise — I can relate. If it were me I would’ve thrown the photographers over the edge — they got lucky.”

Notes from all over
No one is going to confuse Jay Leno with a health food addict. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a salad, actually,” the talk-show host told the upcoming issue of Parade. He says he loves junk food. “I don’t worry about my weight. The last time I stepped on a scale was 1973. I don’t let it bother me. I’ve been married for 26 years. I’m not trying to pick up girls.” ... Computer hackers have reportedly swiped the 200 tickets that Michael Jackson had set aside for his performance later this week at the World Music Awards ... Speaking of Jackson — don’t. At least, not in front of Lisa Marie Presley. The daughter of the king of rock is touring for her second album and journalists who want to interview her are told they must not ask questions about her late father or her wacko ex-hubby. Gripes one, “Those are the most interesting things about her.”

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