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Wildfires threaten stars’ Southern Calif. homes

Thousands of Southern California residents have been forced to flee their homes due to the current slew of fires raging through the area. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are just two of the many celebrities who have found their property in the middle of an evacuation zone.

The couple has been forced to evacuate the bed and breakfast they own, Chateau La Rue, the one featured in the Oxygen series “Tori & Dean: Inn Love.”

“Our friend that is also our groundskeeper there, he got a reverse 911 call from the Sheriff saying get out, so he said it’s pandemonium,” Spelling told Access Hollywood at Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars.” “He’s on the road now and the B&B is locked up. We canceled guests for the week.”

Even though they came out last night to support friend Jennie Garth’s latest “Dancing” performance, the couple was glued to wireless news reports, worried about their property and friends.

“In between commercials I was on the Blackberry trying to get updates from friends that are watching the news and (checking) online,” Spelling sighed.

Meanwhile, backstage at “Dancing,” Jane Seymour confided in Access, that if the fires hit her house, which they have been threatening to do, she would lose so much.

“If my house goes down I will lose — I don’t want to even consider what I would lose,” she said. “I would lose all my families memorabilia, I’d lose all my oil paintings, I’d lose, oh gosh, every costume from every movie. There is so much. When I was running out of the house I didn’t know what to take.”

The former “Bond” beauty said her husband is staying at their property, despite a mandatory evacuation, to try and save it.

“My husband is there,” she said. “He was supposed to leave. There was a mandatory evacuation two days ago. I ran out of there and we got he kids out this morning, but he is determined to support the firemen and he is determined to fight that blaze. So it’s very, very scary.”

On Monday, Richard Gere and John Travolta flew in from the East Coast for the 11th annual Hollywood Awards, giving them a bird’s eye view of the inferno.

“It’s as far as you could see in both directions,” Gere told Access. “The smoke was actually in the plane as we flew through.”

“It was a large area, surprisingly large. I mean I never like to see that,” Travolta said.

When Access Hollywood visited Malibu, it was a virtual ghost town, due to the fires and mandatory evacuations.

Country star Tanya Tucker was in Las Vegas when her home fell under threat, but her daughter, Pressly, was inside.

“I’ve never been in this situation before so I really didn’t know kind of, what to expect,” Pressly Tucker said. “We got out of there (at) about 9:15, and they said that if the winds hadn’t changed, that it would’ve taken over the house by 9:30, so we were really lucky.”

Media mogul David Geffen owns the Malibu Beach Inn. As a result of the fires, Geffen has opened its doors to evacuees and firefighters alike, free of charge. Eighty firefighters have been sleeping at the property in shifts, as they fight the blaze.

“Mr. Geffen thought the best thing to do was to open it up to the people taking care of all the homes,” Malibu Beach Inn Managing Director Alan Goldschneider told Access. “We’re feeding (the firefighters). They’re coming in, in like batches for six hours, and then they leave and another crew comes in immediately, they go out and another crew comes in. It’s been that way since Saturday morning.”