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Why Is Penn Jillette Twitter Feuding With Miss Tennessee?!

Oh man, looks like we have another addition to the fiery Twitter gang!
/ Source: E!online

Oh man, looks like we have another addition to the fiery Twitter gang!

Penn Jillette (one half of the illusionist duo, Penn and Teller) was a guest judge for the Miss Teen USA pageant on Sunday and was quick to offer his two cents on the outcome of the contest through some tweets.

They weren't as foul as some other tweets we've read, but they were still pretty bad.

Maybe because they were specifically targeted toward one blond Southern belle...

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Jillette let all the world know (or at least everyone who reads his tweets) that he was more than happy to help Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham lose to Miss California Alyssa Campanella in the pageant.

Why the burn?!

Well it turns out he wasn't very happy with Durham's onstage answer to the question of whether burning religious items, specifically the Koran, should be afforded the same constitutional protections as flag burning.

She said it crossed the line and shouldn't be, and apparently that crossed the line for Jillette.

He tweeted, "I 'judged' Miss USA. 'Miss' TN was asked about burning the Koran and she negated the whole First Amendment. F--k her. Glad to help her lose."

And now we see why he holds the First Amendment so dear.

Durham, who placed second in the pageant, said in a statement today that she's disappointed with his comments and that it was uncalled for that he would delight in shooting down her dreams.

Followers on Twitter also questioned his motives, which caused Jillette to really go at it. A couple of his responses read:

"If they don't want them judged on the questions, don't ask them. And she didn't answer well. It wasn't just the idea."

"She said people should not be allowed to burn books or the flag. I think that's freedom of speech."

"Well, she answered the question sloppily AND I think the Bill of Rights matters. Freedom in important."

What do you guys think? Did the guy go too far? Let us know in the comments!

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(Originally published June 21, 2011, at 6:45 p.m. PT)