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Why no word yet on ‘Project Runway’?

Bravo wouldn't dare shoot "Project Runway" without Tim Gunn, would they? How is "The Apprentice" doing in the ratings? How can people audition to be "Moms on the Road"?
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Q: When will the new season of “Project Runway” start?    —Diane, Florida

A: No one knows. The show is Bravo's No. 1 series of all time, yet unbelievably, it still has not been officially renewed for a fourth season.

When asked whether the series would return this year, Bravo's president recently only told The Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan That sounds like a scary answer, but it's practically impossible to think the show won't return.

Equally surprising is the fact that Tim Gunn — who is leaving his job at Parsons to work for Liz Claiborne — has not officially signed a contract to appear on the fourth season.

However, he told two separate publications this weekend that he will, in fact, return to the show. (He’ll also be back on Bravo with an entire series that was created just for him. “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” will follow Tim as he helps make over people who desperately need his help.)

My educated guess is that Bravo will announce the series' renewal in February or March, and cast for the show in March, April, and May, and then tape in June, the same time "Project Runway 3" was in production, and the earliest they can use Parsons' facilities.

Then, the show will again debut in July, concluding in time for Fashion Week in the fall. Again, that's just my speculation, but if anyone wants to bet a quarter on it, I'll take the bet.    —A.D.

  Love “The Apprentice” but the tent idea is stupid! How were the ratings for the first episode compared to past seasons?   — Bonnie, Florida

A: For its move to Los Angeles, “The Apprentice” made many changes: forcing the losing team to live in tents, swapping George and Carolyn for Trump’s daughter Ivanka, allowing the winning project manager to remain PM and sit in on the boardroom—and the list goes on.

However, those changes didn’t help the show’s ratings.

Just over 9 million people watched the first 90-minute episode, down from the 9.9 who watched “The Apprentice 5”’s debut. Up against football in its second week, “The Apprentice 6” lost more viewers.

Donald Trump, of course, spun the numbers, explaining that the last half-hour of the debut episode was very popular. In a statement responding to Rosie O’Donnell (the two have been feuding), he said, “Rosie lied once again by incorrectly citing ‘The Apprentice’ ratings. Nielsen showed ‘The Apprentice’ was number one from 10:30 to 11:00 p.m. in all of television.”    —A.D.

Q: I loved Travel Channel’s new show “Moms on the Road — Africa”! Will they be doing another one and how do you apply to be on the show?    —Mona, L.A.

A: Travel Channel spokeswoman Karen Hansen tells us that there are no plans for additional seasons of "Moms on the Road," in which eight moms of varying backgrounds spend eight weeks traveling through Africa, leaning about the continent and learning about themselves.

Hansen recommends checking the home page of for upcoming casting opportunities. We spotted , "5 Takes," in which five young travelers travel the U.S. on $50 a day. The Travel Channel's online community helps decide where the travelers go and what they do there.

Another new Travel Channel show that's already cast, premieres March 29. "1,000 Places To See Before You Die," based on Patricia Schultz's best-selling book, is "another show most people wish they would have applied for," said Hansen. A newlywed couple traveled to 100 of the places mentioned in the book over 3+ months. Quite a honeymoon.    —G.F.C.

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