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How Mila Kunis influenced Ashton Kutcher to sell back ticket he bought to go to space

Things are a little different for the "That '70s Show" star since he first bought his Virgin Galactic ticket in 2012 for a trip to suborbital space.
/ Source: TODAY

Mila Kunis prefers her husband remain firmly on Earth.

Ashton Kutcher shared how his wife talked him out of becoming one of the first scheduled travelers to go to space on a Virgin Galactic flight.

Virgin Galactic founder, Richard Branson, and his crew made a successful journey to suborbital space earlier this month.

Actor Mila Kunis poses for a picture with her husband actress Ashton Kutcher on the red carpet for the 6th annual 2018 Breakthrough Prizes at Moffett Federal Airfield, Hangar One in Mountain View, Calif., on Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area N
Ashton Kutcher said wife Mila Kunis talked him into selling his Virgin Galactic ticket for a trip to suborbital space back to the company instead of going on a potential flight next year. Nhat V. Meyer / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

Unlike his wife's sometimes shaky investment advice, Kutcher listened to Kunis this time when it came to space travel.

"When I got married and had kids, my wife basically encouraged that it was not a smart family decision to be heading into space when we have young children," he told financial news network Cheddar News. "So I ended up selling my ticket back to Virgin Galactic."

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Kutcher, 43, first bought his ticket for $200,000 back in 2012, according to Branson's blog, Reuters reported. However, since that time, the "That '70s Show" star married Kunis in 2015 and had two children, so his life is a lot different.

The actor is one of several celebrities who reportedly bought tickets years ago to one day travel to space on a Virgin Galactic flight. Other rumored celebs include Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, and Brad Pitt, according to USA Today.

The crew aboard Virgin Galactic's Unity spaceship blasted off from the desert in New Mexico on July 11 to reach suborbital space and achieve a lifelong dream for Branson, who founded Virgin Galactic in 2004 to create a space tourism business.

Branson's trip with his crew was followed by fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos making his own successful all-civilian trip to suborbital space Tuesday in the ship designed by his Blue Origin company.

Virgin Galactic aims to begin commercial spaceflights with private customers in the next year with a cost of about $250,000 per person for a journey to space, although the final price has not yet been announced. The company has already been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly passengers on future commercial flights to suborbital space.

Kutcher aims to be one of them in the future.

"I was supposed to be on the next flight, but I will not be on the next flight," he said. "But at some point, I'm going to space."