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Why Melanie Griffith says she will never get married again

The actress, who has been wedded four times, including twice to actor Don Johnson, prefers to concentrate on being a "Working Girl."
Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith and actor Don Johnson were first married in 1976 and divorced that same year. They then remarried in 1989 before divorcing again in 1996.WireImage

Four marriages were apparently enough for Melanie Griffith.

The 61-year-old star, who was previously married to actors Don Johnson (twice), Steven Bauer and Antonio Banderas, said she hasn't given up on finding love again, but she no longer feels beholden to the idea of being betrothed to do so.

“I really don’t think it’s relevant for anyone anymore,” Griffith told InStyle magazine. “But especially if you’re 60 and you have four kids and you’re living the life you’ve always wanted. Then why get married?

At 61, Melanie Griffith is concentrating on acting and writing — and less so on dating.WireImage

"It’s, like, I would love to fall in love and have a romance, a relationship, but I haven’t. I keep looking. I’ve had a couple of lovers but not a relationship.”

Her real love these days is acting, a profession she has been working in since she was a child, having grown up as the daughter of "The Birds" star Tippi Hedren. It's also a love she has passed on to her own children — particularly her eldest daughter, Dakota Johnson, 28, of "Fifty Shades of Grey" fame.

"After getting divorced and, in a way, finishing up with my kids — my Stella (Banderas) is now 21 — I have the time and the chance to reboot and revitalize my career, I guess you would say,” she added.

Decades after the release of Griffith's iconic turn in the 1988 dramedy "Working Girl," Griffith is eager to keep working. She told InStyle she is busy pondering the idea of writing a memoir and plotting a return to Broadway.

But recently she had a minor setback in the form of a health scare when doctors removed skin cancer found on her nose, leaving a noticeable mark.

“It’s a scary thing when you’re an actress and you depend on your face for work,” Griffith said. “But I realize I have to put a Band-Aid on it, and it’s fine. I just look like a dork.”

As "Working Girl" reaches its 30th anniversary this year, Griffith is particularly proud of its legacy.

"A lot of women my age and younger say, ‘I saw that movie, and it gave me encouragement to do what I wanted to do,’” she told the fashion magazine.

For Griffith, that's something she's made that her mantra.

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