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Why Levi Johnston's Teenage Sister Is Getting Naked for Playboy: "It's Easy Money"

Guess getting naked runs in Levi Johnston's family!
/ Source: E!online

Guess getting naked runs in Levi Johnston's family!

Rumors swirled earlier this month that Levi's little sister Mercede Johnston, 19, was taking it off for Playboy, and now sources close to Bristol Palin are bemoaning the naked truth.

So will the teenager be baring all, unlike her brother who didn't show anything in Playgirl?

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We're hearing yes.

"Playboy approached her and she said yes," confirms our insider.

"It's easy money. She always wanted to be a model, but it can be tough to break into the industry. And she's obviously choosing to go the easy route and take her clothes off."

Call us old fashioned, but maybe she's a little too young to figure that out yet? Hell, she can't even have champagne to toast her spread.

"If she wants to take all of her clothes off at 19 for money, there's always going to be someone who's going to pay her to do that," sasses our source.

True...however, it seems that Sarah Palin's family may share our reluctant attitude.

"I think Bristol and the family feel the same way they did when Levi did Playgirl: a sense of deep disappointment," dishes our insider. "There are some things you shouldn't do, even if you need money."

Oh, and fun fact alert! Bristol Palin's new boyfriend Gino Paoletti is actually Mercede's ex-boyfriend from high school.

"He's an OK guy," says our source. "He played on the Colony High School football team."

We're told Bristol isn't fazed by it.

Playboy isn't commenting, and we have yet to hear back from Mercede.

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