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Why haven't Ben Affleck and Matt Damon teamed up since 'Good Will Hunting'?

The bromance between two of Hollywood's biggest stars, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, is legendary. So why don't they team up more?
/ Source: TODAY

The Matt Damon/Ben Affleck bromance is legendary. The pair co-wrote "Good Will Hunting" in 1997, co-starred in it, earned Oscars and ... the rest is history.

And we hear about their buddy-hood all the time. So while we can see them from time to time in "Project Greenlight," how come they' haven't written a screenplay together since then?

Damon addressed this in a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and basically it boiled down to: We're kinda busy.

"The big issue is time for us," said Damon. "We have a company together so we work on a lot of projects together, but to try to carve out the time is really tough."

Plus, they're family men. "We both have a whole mess of kids now."

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"Good Will," he explained, was something of a fluke that only worked because of where they were in their lives at the time. "We were unemployed and we weren't writing the script on a deadline either. Nobody was expecting it, so we were just these two idiots in our basement writing this thing, and now we have all of these pressures of the lives grownups have."

Damon also commented on a range of other topics, including working with Robin Williams on "Good Will": "He was one of the most generous, loving, wonderful people I've ever met ... In my heart, that's where he is, as this person that I'm deeply deeply grateful came into my life and changed it for the better," and whether the hot dog is a sandwich. Answer: No. "Let's just keep it as a hot dog."

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But back to this whole Ben thing: Any chance in the future when things calm down that they might both grace the screen together again?

"I would never say never," said Damon. "I'd love to be in one of his movies that he directs. The problem there is that he just keeps giving himself the best roles, so until he stops doing that and maybe just directs, none of us can really work with him."

Exactly what a best buddy should say.

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