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Why Does LeAnn Rimes Look So Scary Skinny!?

LeAnn Rimes seems to be shrinking before our eyes.
/ Source: E!online

LeAnn Rimes seems to be shrinking before our eyes.

One thing usually not up for debate with the controversial country singer was that she had a rockin' body, but lately the blonde has people concerned that she's getting way too thin.

Recent pap pics show LeAnn over the weekend out in Calabasas (on the left) with her clothes practically falling off her. The photo on the right is from a year ago.

Is this a wedding diet gone too far? Or something else?

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At a charity event over Oscar weekend at Boa, Rimes--glued at the hip with fianc Eddie Cibrian--had friends and partygoers whispering about her dramatic weight loss.

"The top of her arm looked like most people's forearms," dishes a party source reminiscing about LeAnn. "She looked like skin and bones, it did not seem healthy."

This isn't the only change LeAnn Rimes has undergone recently.

Remember, back in January L.R was spotted sporting two new additions to her chest. Double-D additions, to be exact.

Why is the very pretty country crooner trying to change her image, literally? We were wary that she had the right reasons to start morphing her figure back in January to begin with.

Perhaps all the negative press she has faced with fianc Eddie has taken its toll on the seemingly strong gal.

It almost makes us feel bad for giving her such a hard time. It's clear something is up with Ms. Rimes.

Think we're reading too much into it?

We emailed LeAnn's rep to see if he's commenting on her weight loss but have yet to hear back.

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