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Why is Britney so camera-shy with Jayden?

Four months after Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s second son was born, celeb watchers are wondering why no pics of the tyke have been released.
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Where is Jayden James Federline?

Four months after Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s second son was born, celeb watchers are wondering why no pics of the tyke have been released.

“It’s the question we’ve all been asking,” one paparazzo who asked not to be named told The Scoop. “There was some really dark footage that was supposed to be of him, but it was horrible and it doesn’t really count. Now people are speculating that [Spears] is keeping him from the public because she’s hoping to sell exclusive pictures of him, and now, because no one has seen him, the price has gone up.”

“It’s been pretty well confirmed that the profit from the pictures of the first child [Sean Preston] went to Kevin,” says Brandy Navarre, owner of x17OnLine, the celebrity blog owned by a photo agency.

She speculates that pics of Jayden were never sold “because things were souring between Britney and Kevin around that time, and they couldn’t ever come to any agreement about who would get [money from] the pictures.”

Navarre adds: “Some people are saying that Britney is so busy partying that she’s not with her child, but she does take Sean Preston out and she’s so open with Sean Preston when it comes to the paparazzi.  . . . This is a huge story and some of us have been focused on getting pictures of her partying or with her new boyfriend, but to get a picture of [Jayden James] is the goal we should be focused on.”

Madonna's spiritual guideLooks like Madonna has a full-time spiritual advisor.

Kabbalah big-wig Eitan Yardeni has moved to London, according to an insider, to help oversee the Material Girl’s personal and professional life.

“He was the Kabbalah Centre’s celebrity liaison, and Madonna is [the group’s] biggest celebrity.” says the source, who says that the Berg family, which runs the Los Angeles-based offshoot of Judaism, “dispatched” Yardeni to London. “She sort of can’t make a move without him.”

Notes from all overCourtney Love has optioned a book about Kurt Cobain and plans to make a movie based on her late husband’s life, according to WENN.  . . . Lucy Liu hopes that one day, Hollywood won’t have different rules for different races. “You can’t play by the rules when there has been no rules made for you,” the “Charlie’s Angels” star told DarkHorizons. “I mean you can’t follow the footsteps of Meryl Streep when you’re not blonde with blue eyes. What I’m saying is that she can be anyone, and so can I, but people don’t see that yet, and eventually they will. I may not be around when that happens but that doesn’t matter, like someone else will and they will frame the framework for it.”  . . .  Simon Cowell wishes he had been honest with Eddie Murphy. “[Murphy] was interested in making a record, so I flew to the East Coast, to his huge house, and I was very intimidated,” the “American Idol” grouch said. “I thought it would be just the two of us and a hi-fi. But I ended up in a recording studio with about 20 nodders; a nodder is someone who gets paid to agree with the person paying him. Eddie started to play some songs, which I hated, and I just didn’t know what to say. Now I’d find it a lot easier. I would just say, ‘I hate it.’”

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