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Whose bed is Aniston sleeping in?

After telephoto incident, actress calls paparazzi ‘insane’
/ Source: Access Hollywood

If anyone is planning on taking naked photos of Jennifer Aniston, he or she may like what they see, but should beware the consequences.

"A guy takes a photograph of you from a mile away right, topless in your backyard," Billy Bush said. "I think anyone would relate to you being outraged. It's completely an invasion of privacy of the highest order."

"Yeah," Jennifer agreed.

"What about it really makes you mad?" Billy asked.

"What makes me mad is that this guy, he has the balls to go, he had a telephoto lens and stand across a canyon and takes a photograph of anybody!" Jennifer said. "It's about setting a precedent. That's all it is. It's ridiculous. It's insane."

And it also has Jennifer fighting mad. She has filed a suit against photographer Peter Brandt, claiming he used "invasive, intrusive and unlawful measures" to take the photos. Consider it a clear sign from a star who has had enough.

"Isn't it against the law?" Billy asked.

"There are privacy laws," Aniston said.

"To use something you can look at Saturn with?" Billy joked.

"Absolutely," Jennifer agreed. "And the magazines that publish the photos are liable as well. They try to slip through the cracks. They just try to get away with it. They're little weasels and it's enough.

They can't do it. And this one guy... oh, I don't want get into it, but I won't stop at anything. When it comes to my personal privacy and anyone else's personal privacy, I'll set the precedent. I don't care. I would much rather not let anybody get away with that."

"It's because you're a celebrity, it's because you're famous that this happens," Billy said. "Knowing all that, is acting worth it?"

"It's 100 percent worth it to me," Jennifer said. "I love my job, I have a great job. I wouldn't trade it in for anything."

And the truth is, Jen is going in the opposite direction by releasing four movies in eight months, including "Rumor Has It" on Christmas Day.

"Rumor" is the movie Jen was shooting, when things began to go wrong in her marriage to Brad Pitt.

"This is just a very strange period of time that there's just a heightened interest for whatever shallow reason," Jen told Billy. "It's silly. It's enough. It's silly, especially considering what else is happening in the world.

That would be giving power to something that's absolutely not real. This is a really good life. I wouldn't give it up for those knuckleheads."

As for Jennifer Aniston's new movie, the title "Rumor Has It" seems fitting, doesn't it?

Rumors aside, let’s learn some new things about Jen that the tabloids and our competition missed.

"Let me ask you, Jennifer Aniston, when I say, a few thoughts, a few words as a concept...Jennifer Aniston as a friend?" Billy asked.

"Great," Jen laughed. "One of the best."

"(Being a) mother?" Billy asked.

"Will be one of the best."

"Will be one of the best?"

"I hope, Jen said. "I'll be flawed, I'm sure."

"What about Jennifer Aniston in the morning?" Billy asked.


"Feel great? Pop up?"

"I'm a great morning person," Jen laughed. "No crank. No crabby appleton."

"Really?" Billy teased.

"I do need a cup of coffee pretty immediately," Jennifer confessed.

"Jennifer Aniston at 60? Still doing this?"

"I hope so. We'll see. Yeah!"

"What do you pig out on when you have a little anxiety or something? Salt? Sugar?" Billy wondered.

"Salt! Saltaholic," Jen exclaimed.

"Do you read a book to put you to bed or do you watch TV?"

"I go to bed. I used to watch TV. I used to. As a kid, I would be afraid of the dark, so, people talking in the room kept me company."

"Your dog Norm, does he sleep on the bed or in the corner?"

"He's in a bed, Jen explained. "He doesn't like to get in my bed. He sleeps in his bed. I could sleep in his bed, which I have done. I know it sounds insane."

"Wait a minute, when did you sleep in Norman's bed?" Billy said.

"I have crawled into his bed, it's a little doggie," Jen laughed. "Shocking that I actually fit in it. And hey, c'mon, we get lonely. It's a comfortable little bed that I can curl up in and sleep for an extra 20 minutes. Is that weird?"

Jennifer and Norman – the new Hollywood power couple?