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Who's your daddy? Not Chris Rock

Despite the fact that DNA tests proved that the comedian is not the father of Kali Bowyer’s child, she is moving forward with a book claiming her son is Rock's.

The courts have ruled in Chris Rock’s favor, but one Georgia woman refuses to let go of her claim that the comedian fathered her child, and is even moving forward with plans to write a book detailing her alleged relationship with Rock.

In the press release Kali Bowyer circulated for her upcoming book “Hollywood Child,” Bowyer claims her past included “a hot affair with racy comedian Chris Rock.” Her life, according to the release, “started crashing down all around her,” until “getting pregnant with Chris’ son saved her life.”

Rock’s attorney John Mayoue had not received the press release, but says, “I assume this is a publicity ploy for her alleged book.” On the subject of paternity, Mayoue reiterated the decision of the Georgia court that concluded that Rock was not the father of Bowyer’s son. “There is a final judgement. This is not Chris Rock’s child. It’s been fully litigated, and that includes DNA testing.” 

So why is Bowyer moving ahead with her book? She says she wants to continue fighting the paternity question in California. Mayone dismisses that possibility. “The time for appeal has long since passed,” he says. As for the book, which Bowyer will publish herself through Lulu Publishing, Mayone says, “I’ve not seen this (press release for ‘Hollywood Child’), but I’m sure that Mr. Rock will respond accordingly.”

Sam Ronson fights back about Ali Lohan rumor Is Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend Sam Ronson refusing to play Ali Lohan’s new single? The New York Post says yes, Ronson says no.

“I wouldn’t be responding to this one — but I’m afraid that people might actually believe that and that’s not fair to Ali,” writes Ronson on her MySpace blog. “She’s 14 years old — high school is bad enough — do tabloids really need to torture teenagers as well?”

Nice sentiment, but according to a source very close to the Lohans, it is “all lies.”

“Please. She hasn’t even played the song yet,” the source said. “(Ronson’s blog) has Dina Lohan’s influence written all over it. Either way, (if she plans to play it at all) she’d better play it soon, because if the single is a flop — which it could be — Sam’s taste is going to look like crap.”

Snoop Dogg in India?
Snoop Dogg is huge in India. Well, big enough to have a song on the soundtrack for the new Bollywood movie, “Singh is Kinng,” as the New York Times reported. It’s one thing for the rapper’s music to go Bollywood, but is it possible for Snoop himself to make the trip to India?

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It could be tough, according to India’s visa application, which states that rejection is likely if an applicant has “been convicted for or (has) criminal charges outstanding in any country.”

Snoop Dogg, aka Calvin Broadus, was convicted in 1990 of cocaine possession, charged with gun possession in 1993, and has a history of visa issues that stem from fisticuffs in the British Airways lounge at Heathrow airport in 1996.

Have you heard?Jenny McCarthy will help battle autism by joining the crew of WWE for Saturday Night’s Main Event show in Washington D.C. The show airs Aug. 2 on NBC.  ... Harvey Keitel is joining the cast of ABC’s new series “Life on Mars.” He’ll be a regular alongside Jason O’Mara (“Men in Trees”) and Michael Imperioli (“The Sopranos”). The show premieres Oct. 5.  ... MTV and Comedy Central begin airing the Obama commercial “It Could Happen To You” on July 30. The ad was’s “funniest video” winner.

With reporting by Elise Byrnes