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Who's Still Counting? Duggars Welcome Another Baby to the Bunch

One more Duggar has just been added to the ever-expanding crew.
/ Source: E!online

One more Duggar has just been added to the ever-expanding crew.

This time, it wasn't baby maker Michelle Duggar who gave birth, adding to her massive brood of 19, but her eldest son Josh Duggar, whose wife Anna just delivered their second baby, a boy. Michelle and hubby Jim's first grandson was born Wednesday evening and weighed in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces.

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Although they have not yet revealed his full name, the couple say it will begin with with an "M"--their adaptation of Jim and Michelle's tradition of "J" names for all 19 of their children, ranging from 23-year-old Josh to 18-month old Josie. Their 20-month-old neice is MacKynzie.

The newest baby's special, called 19 Kids: First Grandson, will air on June 19 and show his mom and dad preparing for his arrival with birthing classes and putting together his nursery.

The news about the sex of the baby had been delivered to Josh's 18 brothers and sisters via skywriting. The new dad is currently back in school, working toward a B.A. in political science.

Although 44-year-old Michelle is now a grandmother of two, she hasn't ruled out the possibility of continuing to expand her own brood. The Duggar matriarch says she and her hubby would welcome another baby if "God saw fit."

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