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Who's the biggest ‘American Idol’ diva?

Who’s the biggest diva on “American Idol?” Looks like the prize would go to contestant Taylor Hicks.  But judge Paula Abdul holds her own in the diva department.
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Who’s the biggest diva on “American Idol”?

If an award were given to the person  who throws the most hissy fits, temper tantrums, and exhibits the most out-of-control behavior, looks like the prize would go to contestant Taylor Hicks.

But, according to the anecdotes compiled by Star, judge Paula Abdul holds her own in the diva department.

“The minute Taylor made the top 24, he became difficult and he seemed to get worse over time,” a source told the tab.

All the male contestants on the show became friends — except Hicks.

“He was conceited and cold,” according to the insider. “Once he was in the top eight, I think he no longer wanted to be on the show.”

Some examples cited by Star: when in the top ten, Taylor didn’t want a bodyguard to accompany him to the men’s room as required and reportedly told one to “[bleep] off,” he refused to go to photo shoots, and he wouldn’t speak to others in the show’s green room.

Paula Abdul’s diva antics include being followed around by three hair stylists, periodically having one of them carry her pampered pooch, and going through a slew of assistants.

“She seems really difficult,” an “insider” told Star. “She’s had a ton of assistants in five seasons.”

Daddy dearestLooks like Lindsay Lohan may be repairing a troubled relationship with a man in her life: her father.

After years of tension, Lohan — who’s in rehab — is mending fences with her father Michael, who’s in prison, a source told Life & Style.

It began when Michael Lohan wrote an encouraging letter to his daughter while in rehab, reports the mag. “It was such a welcome surprise,” a “friend” told the L&S. “Linds was certainly touched and a little choked up.”

The buddy says that the “Mean Girls” star is “proceeding with caution” but that she’s “thrilled” to have her father back in her life.

Notes from all overWhitney Houston knew her man wasn’t saving all his love for her. The pop diva’s new sweetie, Ray J, recently made headlines when a sex tape was released showing him hot and heavy with his ex, Kim Kardashian. But Ray J warned Houston about the tape, according to In Touch Weekly, and she’s not bothered by it. “This is the kind of thing Bobby [Brown, her ex] would’ve liked to do,” an insider told the mag. “But he’s not as good.”  . . . Did Isaac Stern kiss and tell for cash? Britney Spears’ boyfriend for a few minutes told News of the World intimate details about his relationship with the “Toxic” singer — including episodes from their marathon sex sessions. Now, x17 Online is claiming that he was paid for the revelations.  . . . Don’t compliment Daniel Craig’s hot bod. The “Casino Royale” star made an obscene comment to a reporter who dared a cheeky remark about how good the James Bond star looked in the film when he wore a swimsuit. When the actor was passed over at the Baftas, a Brit awards show, one reporter asked: “Why didn’t you wear your little blue Speedos? Maybe you would have won then.” Craig blasted the journo as a “[bleeping] fool.” “Daniel sees himself as a serious classically-trained actor who spent three years with the RSC [Royal Shakespeare Company], and brought real depth to the role of Bond,” a source told “First of all, he loses out on the Bafta, then everyone from Jonathan Ross [a Brit reporter, but not the offending one] downwards spends the night talking about how buff he looks in swimming trunks.”

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