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Whoops! Bethenny Frankel accidentally flashes 'Anderson' audience

Reality personality Bethenny Frankel revealed a little too much when she did an interview with Anderson Cooper for his talk show "Anderson." And we're not talking about her personal life.

When the host challenged the "Bethenny Ever After" star to a push-up contest, Bethenny got a little too enthusiastic. The result? Well, let's just say it's bright pink. Check it out:

But her panties weren't all that Bethenny revealed. She also admitted to Anderson that she and her husband, Jason, watch "The Jersey Shore" together. "I think that good television is about having fun," she explained. "And the thing is, they are always having fun, even if they are animals."

But just because Snooki and gang may be having a blast, it doesn't mean Bethenny's enjoying herself as much while watching the hit show.

"I get anxiety because when I watch it, it's just so filthy!" Bethenny said. "I'm just so organized and I just look at the background and it's such a damn mess. You couldn't give me $10 million to lay in that smoosh bed, much less smoosh in that smoosh bed."

The reality personality also fessed up to watching "Dancing With the Stars," though not always for the fancy footwork, which she admitted she sometimes finds "kind of sexy." The thing that really draws her into "DWTS"? The drama and scandals, of course!

"I'm excited to see the Latin guy (actor William Levy) because I want to find out if he and Cheryl  Burke are sleeping together. Every season she's with some hot guy and I'm like, 'Are they doing it'?"

She'll find out soon enough whether sparks will fly between Cheryl and William when "Dancing" kicks off season 14 on Monday night. Her "Anderson" interview is also set to air that day. Check AndersonCooper.com for local air times.

What do you think of Bethenny's reasons for watching "Jersey Shore" and "Dancing"? Why do (or don't you) watch the two programs? Tell us on our Facebook page!



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