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Who should replace Regis on 'Live'?

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"Dancing With the Stars" host Tom Bergeron could be a good pick to replace Regis.

Now that news of Regis Philbin's upcoming departure from "Live! With Regis and Kelly" has had time to sink in, perhaps we should follow in the soon-to-be former host's footsteps and start moving on. And by that, I mean, "All right. He's out. Who's in?"

The folks at Entertainment Weekly have already authored what they believe the job description could look like:

National daily talk show looking for spontaneous, quick-witted, and funny man who can banter about everything from baseball to push-up bras. Must have excellent interview skills, but promise not to go all "60 Minutes" on a celebrity who is experiencing divorce, drug addiction, or other difficulties. Think more James Lipton than Charlie Rose. The ideal candidate should be handsome, telegenic and genially cranky. (It’s okay to hate the snow or lines at Starbucks, but not Obama or Sarah Palin.) Must be able to spin a prize wheel without stealing any moves from Pat Sajack. Perks include: five-hour work week, some travel, and sitting next to an attractive, vivacious blonde every morning.

The magazine offered up the "Survivor" host as the perfect replacement, and though Jeff Probst is pretty darn good at what he does, I think "Dancing With the Stars' " Tom Bergeron may have him beat. Like Probst, the witty Bergeron has to chat up folks that viewers may consider less-than-interesting interviews. (Hey, the guy has to co-host "Dancing" with Brooke Burke, who can't seem to ask anything beyond "How did that feel?" That's no easy task.)

Bergeron has also proved that he can keep his cool no matter how crazy the situation (remember how he calmly cut to commercial when Marie Osmond fainted on stage during the season five finals of "DWTS"?), he has fun with the celebs and judges, and already has an Emmy under his belt for hosting "Hollywood Squares."

Who would be the best person to replace Regis and why? 

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