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Who shot Suge Knight?

Speculation that the rapper could have accidentally shot himself
/ Source: Access Hollywood

When rap mogul Suge Knight was shot in the leg during a VMA party hosted by Kanye West on Saturday in Miami, hundreds of people were there — but few claimed to have seen anything.

Access Hollywood was covering the event and has footage of hundreds of partygoers being shuffled out of the club after the incident.

Our cameras also caught the chaos that ensued outside as ambulance, fire and police officials swarmed to the scene.

A police report described the man who allegedly shot Knight at the Shore Club in Miami Beach as black and wearing a pink shirt.

However, on Monday a spokesperson for the Miami Beach police said there had been no further developments in the case, telling the Miami Herald that the investigation was being hampered by witnesses' unwillingness to talk.

"We don't have any physical description. We don't know how many subjects were involved, which is mind boggling, with all those people around," spokesman Bobby Hernandez told the newspaper.

Knight was shot in the upper right leg at a party in advance of MTV's Video Music Awards hosted by rapper Kanye West. Witnesses said Knight was shot while sitting at a table in the VIP room at the Shore Club.

West's party was one of the most coveted invites of the evening. A throng gathered trying to get in, and revelers mingled in the courtyard while celebrities including Jessica Alba, Eddie Murphy, Paris Hilton, Game and The Black Eyed Peas were entertained in the VIP room.

After the shooting, screaming guests fled the party, streaming outside or taking cover in other parts of the hotel.

But could Suge have accidentally shot himself?

Investigators said they've been unable to recover any spent shell casings, leading to one theory that the wound might have been self-inflicted.

Knight, a convicted felon who has served several stretches in prison, could be returned to jail for possession of a firearm, but if he had a gun his security personnel could have hustled it away before police arrived.

"There might have been an accidental discharge or it could have been a hit-type of incident," Hernandez said.

A shell casing also could have gotten lost in the crowd stampede, he added. Or, the shooter could have used a revolver, which doesn't eject casings. In addition, Knight and other rap figures often have armed bodyguards around them.

Knight's attorney, Dermot Givens, was not taking phone calls from the media Monday, said a spokesman at his Los Angeles office. Officials at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, where Knight underwent surgery Sunday for a gunshot wound and fractured right leg bone, said they were prevented by privacy laws from discussing his condition.

A group of Knight's friends waiting at the hospital Sunday said he was alert and talkative after the shooting.

His attorneys told hospital officials not to release any information on his condition, hospital spokeswoman Laurie Oliva said Monday. Knight's attorney in Los Angeles, Dermot Givens, did not return telephone calls Sunday or Monday.