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Who Shacked Up With Twilight's Kellan Lutz at a Cheap Motel?

Nice try, but we'd recognize those biceps anywhere.
/ Source: E!online

Nice try, but we'd recognize those biceps anywhere.

Kellan Lutz was caught sneaking out of a low budget motel in Los Angeles Monday morning, and he wasn't alone.

Any guesses as to which famous face is making the walk of shame behind Kellan in that red wig?

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Annalynne McCord!

(Sorry, were you hoping we would say Ashley Greene?)

Sure, A. and K. split due to distance a few weeks ago--and McCord has already moved on with model Aaron O' Connell. But the on-off couple enjoyed a secret rendezvous at Studio City's Carlton Motor Lodge anyway!

Standard rooms go for about $75 a night, or if you really wanna splurge, it's $125 with a private jacuzzi.

According to waiting paparazzi, the two drove to the motel in separate cars Sunday night, but no one was fooled by McCord trying to escape in a red wig and sunglasses the following morning.

What's up with the shadiness you two?

These babes l-o-v-e getting photographed, so their sudden need for privacy is throwing us for a loop.

Trying to keep the heat being all dirty on the down low? It's totally a play out of Robsten's book o' love, dontchya think?

It certainly has been working for Pattinson and Stewart, so not a bad play to be more incognito you two!

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