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Who's that girl? Madonna can't get FedEx to believe she's really Madonna

The pop icon normally has no problem being recognized, but getting a personal package delivered? That's another story.
/ Source: TODAY

Who's that girl?

As someone who's been in the spotlight for more than 30 years, Madonna normally has no problem being recognized. But in a hilarious twist, the Queen of Pop recently spent several days trying to convince FedEx she is, in fact, the legendary Material Girl.

On Tuesday, the "Like A Prayer" singer and mom of six took to Twitter with a cranky selfie and explained her comical predicament in the caption.

"When you've been arguing with FedEx all week that you really are Madonna and they still won't release your package," she wrote, adding the frustrated hashtag "#bitchplease."

The seven-time Grammy winner — who released a helpful 2015 single called "Bitch I'm Madonna" —immediately caught the attention of fans all too eager to vouch for her.

"C'mon, Fed Ex, get into the groove!" one fan joked. Others pointed out how oddly "relatable" the singer's situation was. After all, who among us hasn't known the irritation of waiting on a package in the mail?

Madonna's testy tweet also got a speedy response from a FedEx employee named Julie, who asked the singer to DM her directly to get her case settled pronto.

Something tells us Madonna will be getting her package ASAP!