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Who’s Eva Longoria dating now?

L.A. man wins date with actress in charity auction
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Nearly 27 million people watched "Desperate Housewives" Sunday night, including one very lucky and very wealthy man who now knows what it’s like to date Eva Longoria.

And we’re not talking about her boyfriend, Tony Parker.

Some enchanted “Eva-ning” – you might meet a stranger!

A stranger named Frank.

Access Hollywood found out what exactly it took to win a date with the beautiful Eva.


L.A. radio station K-Earth 101 held an auction to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims, and lucky Frank Moran was the highest bidder.

How much did Frank pay to escort Eva around Los Angeles? A mere $20,000.

But who is this guy moving in on Tony Parker’s turf?

He’s a local millionaire with a great house and a generous attitude. But before he went on his date with the lovely Eva, we took Frank to meet wardrobe wonder Lisa Kline.

With some new duds, Frank went from business blah to Hollywood hip and we were off.

"When you meet someone like this and its once in a lifetime, (you) get the Dom Perignon out, the flowers, got the good cologne on, the fresh jeans, and I’m ready," Frank told Access.

Frank picked up his very own desperate housewife on Wisteria Lane itself.

When Frank and Eva met, they took a photo together, Eva fiddled with Frank’s collar and they walked together hand-in-hand.

"Its overwhelming," Eva laughed. "Its funny. You never put a price tag on yourself, so I didn't think it would go that high!"

Life on Wisteria LaneThe charity check was handed over by K-Earth host Hollywood Hamilton at the “Hot Tamales” show. But back on set, Frank got a tour of Eva’s “Desperate” house.

"Come inside let me show you around," Eva told Frank.

"Lets go!" Frank agreed. "You are already inviting me to the bedroom?"

"No," Eva laughed.

"It’s a little soon, don't you think?" Frank teased.

"That didn't come with the date," Eva joked.

Eva did point out her set bedroom to Frank.

"Where we're not going?" Frank replied.

“Where we're not going,” Eva laughed.

Frank did a little set redecorating when he moved a picture and then had a hard time getting it back on the wall.

"All right, we have to leave the set now," Eva laughed.

Eva went back out to Wisteria Lane with fumbling Frank!

"All the flowers are fake," she told him.

"These too?" Frank pointed to some posies.

"Yeah,” Eva laughed. "These lamposts move very easily."

"Teri lives there," Eva points to another house. "We just passed Teri's."

As the two ended their evening on James Denton’s porch, Frank got wind of the fact that Eva’s man would be making an appearance on set later.

"I'm glad that Tony is coming because its about time we meet face to face find out who is the better man," Frank teased.

But before he left, Frank got exactly what he had coming to him…a hug and kiss from Eva!