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Who is Phillip Phillips, and what's the 'pee-pee dance'?

NBC reporter Ben Aaron wasn't scared to ask the question no one else would ask.

As usual, crowds crushed into Rockefeller Plaza on Friday morning for TODAY’s Toyota Concert Series performance, and as usual, a rollicking good time was had by all. But one intrepid reporter on the scene dared to ask a bold question: Who the heck is this guy up on stage?

Ben Aaron, a self-described “tall, dark, and awkward” NBC reporter in New York City, was unflinching as he approached scads of cheerful fans and asked them, “Who is Phillip Phillips? ... WHO IS Phillip Phillips?”

Here’s the answer, just in case you’re as mystified as Aaron was: Phillip Phillips is the winner of the 11th season of “American Idol.” His fans adore him — as Aaron clearly discerned as the morning wore on.

“Middle-aged women love this guy, apparently,” Aaron noted. “He’s like a midlife crisis with a guitar.”

One young boy told Aaron that Phillips is cooler than Justin Bieber. Several women attested to Phillips’ hotness. And not to be overlooked is Phillips’ signature dance move.

“Oh yeah, he has that leg all the time,” one woman told Aaron.

“He’s got a leg?”

After analyzing Phillips’ leg-bobbing technique for himself, Aaron dubbed it “the pee-pee dance.”

Ben Aaron was astonished to see the dance move that Phillip Phillips uses to "rouse the crowd."

Fans remained unfazed by Aaron’s “pee-pee dance” joke and other quips. They didn’t care when Aaron said Phillips’ audience “resembled that of a PTA meeting.” They just love Phillip Phillips — (whether he has two first names or not!)

To see Aaron’s entire hilarious video from Friday morning, check out the YouTube video above or click here.