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Who do you want on your side: Han Solo, or Indiana Jones?

Which of Harrison Ford's iconic characters would you pick to lead you through trouble?
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Harrison Ford returns to theaters this week in "Cowboys & Aliens." We don't think we're going out on a limb to say that as good as that movie may or may not be, Ford will be forever remembered for two roles.

He played Millennium Falcon pilot Han Solo in "Star Wars" and its sequels, of course, and he also made hats and whips cool again (but not snakes) as Indiana Jones.

Both characters share traits. They're both adventurers, with egos to match. You might have to trust them to get you through a hostile star system and/or jungle, and they'd probably get you through it, but there may be some needless chances taken along the way.

We want to know: Who would you want on your side if you had to pick one? Would you go with risk-taking Han, who, despite any changes in later edits, SHOT FIRST? Or would you go with Indy "we named the dog Indiana"?

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