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Who is Angelina Jolie's muscle man?

Mickey Brett has had previous run-ins with paparazzi in service of actress
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Bodyguards are usually supposed to stay out of the spotlight, but yesterday Angelina Jolie's security detail made headlines after allegedly roughing up parents and issuing racial slurs at an Indian school where the actress was filming. As a result of the incident, police in Mumbai arrested three of her team, including blonde, sunglass-wearing Mickey Brett.Brett and the two others, reportedly Thomas Edward MacAdam and Robert Patrick Dunn, have been told by the police not to leave the country for a week.

If convicted of charges being levied against them, they face up to three years in jail.

"This is not what Angelina and I wanted," Brad Pitt told NDTV's Barkha Dutt in an interview scheduled to screen on the Indian network tomorrow night. "This contradicts the message of the film we are trying to make.

"Angelina and I have a multi-racial family, we want them to respect and understand different religions," he added.

"Maybe we should have explained our intentions when we first got here. We would not hire anyone who is racist or who would hurt or push a child," Pitt said.

This is not Brett's first brush with the headlines. Last month Brett was seen on camera in a scuffle with a photographer, Sam Relph, whom he appears to grab by the neck after the snapper tried to shoot Jolie and Brad Pitt leaving their hotel in Pune, India. He also garnered international attention earlier this year when the actress and Pitt flew to Namibia, Africa for the birth of their baby, Shiloh-Nouvel.

While the couple and their children Maddox (5) and Zahara (1) were holed up in a compound on the coast of the African nation, Brett allegedly tried to secure the location by threatening the media and onlookers. He is widely reported to have said, "If I find anyone getting a picture of Jolie, I will [expletive] smash someone to pieces. I'm not joking. I'll [expletive] put someone in the hospital. Tell your friends."Brett previously served as a bodyguard for Nicole Kidman.He was also reportedly arrested in Britain in 1993 for the murder of British property tycoon Donald Urquhart. The charges were later dropped.