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Which Vice Split Up Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz?

Color us not surprised that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (soon to be Wentz no more) and Pete Wentz filed for divorce.
/ Source: E!online

Color us not surprised that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (soon to be Wentz no more) and Pete Wentz filed for divorce.

No, it's not like Ash and Pete were up to behavior that was particularly out of the norm for Hollywood. It's just that there are practically zero relationships that actually work when you live in this debauched town.

So what do we think was the final straw? You can probably guess where we're heading...

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Blind Vice behavior certainly had something to do with it.

True, Pete was a randy-ass dude before marrying Simpson, but a package-exposing tiger doesn't usually change his stripes.

He's always been a fun loving and free-spirited guy. Hell, he's admitted to making out with guys back in his early twenties, but Simpson obviously tamed him. For a time.

Maybe they rushed and settled down too early?

We doubt Papa Joe Simpson was thrilled at the first-comes-baby, then-comes-marriage idea. Maybe why he officiated that wedding before a pregnancy announcement was made?

Seriously, they had a one-month engagement.

Just look at Nicole Richie? She certainly did it all in her own time, not feeling rushed to wed Joel Madden until she was totally ready, even though they had two kids together.

Don't get us wrong, we really do think Pete and Ash were very much in love, and certainly have been great parents, but it's been clear over the last month or so something was up.

Just look how it's taken a toll on Simpson?

While Pete was partying in Dallas for Super Bowl weekend, Ash went out clubbing in Hollywood at Eden last week. And sources there tell us A. looked "incredibly frail."

A.S. was tweeting love odes to her hubby in mid-January and he had a cryptic, almost goodbye type tweet about her being a "good mama + so much more" last week.

Oh, but wait, just look at Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, that should mean all was perfectly well in their marriage.

One's thing for sure, both of them are fab parents, so here's hoping this doesn't turn into a Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey custody battle.

Because it does seem like something semi-major must have happened to make Ashlee file for divorce so quickly.

As of a month or so ago, the two really did seem A-OK, and it doesn't even look like they did a trial separation first.

Let the tabloid speculation begin--right about now.

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