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Which Show Is More Dangerous: Jersey Shore or Skins?

Jersey Shore is the last word in scary tans. But wait! Skins is the newcomer with all the scared-off advertisers.
/ Source: E!online

Jersey Shore is the last word in scary tans. But wait! Skins is the newcomer with all the scared-off advertisers.

Which show is attracting more of our nation's youth?

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Skins ain't got nothing on The Situation.

The Thursday edition of Jersey Shore drew a higher rating among teens than the Skins premiere, the American Idol premiere and texting. (Well, probably not texting.)

In all of cable, Jersey Shore was the first- and second-most watched show, averaging 8.9 million and 7.7 million impressionable viewers, respectively.

Skins, by comparison, scored with a "mere" 3.3 million, some of whom surely were lured into the show by, yes, Jersey Shore.

So, there's nothing to worry about. The kids'll be fine. Snooki's got everything under control.

Except herself.

Other TV ratings winners and losers:

- The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle and Kim Richards nearly hit each other; the finale hit a season high (2.8 million).

- The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Talk about a win-win. This version of the Bravo franchise doesn't have Camille Grammer--and it gets a bigger audience (3.4 million).

- Kourtney &Kim Take New York: Sunday's premiere took Manhattan, and every place else, with 3 million.

- American Idol: With 26.2 million viewers for its Wednesday premiere, and 22.9 million for its Thursday opener, the only thing it didn't outdraw was its former self and football.

- Bones: Ask this Fox show, which hit a season high on Thursday with 10.9 million, if it thinks Idol is over.

- NBC's new comedy block: It worked! Mostly. Community (4.7 million) was up. The Office (8.3 million) was up. 30 Rock (5.3 million) was up. Parks and Recreation (6.2 million) was way, way up. And then there was Perfect Couples (4.2 million) and Outsourced (4 million). Nothing's perfect.

- Betty White: Her moment isn't over, and neither is her TV Land sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, which kicked off its second season before 2.9 million.

- Fringe: Did you fear its move to Friday would make (the rest of) its audience disappear? You had good reason, although on the bright side, the little-watched show (4.9 million) was the most-watched show among 18-to-49-year-olds in its little-watched time slot.

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