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Which Reality Star Is Rockin' Rainbow Hair?

Sometimes you just need a little bit of color in your life.
/ Source: E!online

Sometimes you just need a little bit of color in your life.

And for this reality star, she incorporated that into her beautiful blond locks by getting out some fun hair dye and doin' work.

Not something you see everyday, but her fans wanted it. So she did it.

Can you guess which loyal celeb this is?

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It's Lauren Conrad!

The fashionista featured the photo of her dyed tips with the caption, "You voted and I did it. Thanks for playing. Have a safe holiday weekend. XO Lauren," on her website, the Beauty Department.

Back on June 29, Conrad had posted on Twitter, "Roses are red, violets are blue. The color of my hair is up to you!"

Fans must have had a ball with this because Lauren later tweeted, "Looks like I might be sporting some pretty crazy hair over the holiday weekend..."

Well, we don't know if we'd call it crazy...It's pretty frickin' cool-looking, actually.

Conrad held up to her end of the bargain and tweeted a photo a couple days later hinting that the dying process happened.

But it didn't last long. A little over a week later, the Hills star let her followers know, "Farewell rainbow hair... For now ;-)"

We sense a hint there. Did you guys dig the multicolored tips or is that so childish?

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