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Which Glee Kid Are You Ready to See Graduate?

The Glee cast might as well start practicing "Graduation (Friends Forever)" now.
/ Source: E!online

The Glee cast might as well start practicing "Graduation (Friends Forever)" now.

We just know that the Vitamin C go-to grad song will be what Lea Michele and her choir croonies will be singing when some of their capped and gowned peers receive diplomas.

We told you forever ago that a few par-tick peeps should worry about getting cut from the glee club, but now the cast is starting to dish about the impending pomp and circumstance too:

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"I don't know what's going to happen...but I did hear that there will be a graduation in May, but that doesn't mean the end of anything," Jenna Ushkowitz revealed to PopWrap recently.

Yeah, doesn't mean the end for you, J, 'cause you've got very little to worry about.

Obviously Miss Michele is a shoo-in for another semester at McKinley High--she and her Emmy-nominated pipes are the star of the friggin' franchise, after all--as is the limelight-stealing lesbian Santana (Naya Rivera).

Everyone else is kinda up in the air, tho we're sure Chris Colfer, Heather Morris and Kevin McHale shouldn't be sweating it too much.

There are certain folks though that might be joining the class of 2012 whether they like it or not:

- Mark Salling:

While Puck may have been the resident bad boy when the show first hit the boob tube, his heartthrob status--and screen time--took a serious dive when the cast came back for their sophomore season.

Maybe it's because he's not making a splash in the tabloid world or because his solo album wasn't selling like hotcakes, but Mark may soon see the last of McKinley.

- Cory Monteith:

Cory has always been at the forefront of the show, singing show tunes opposite Rachel Berry, so it may be a shocker to see his name on the list. But we wouldn't be surprised at all. He isn't the strongest singer, dancer or actor, so we could totally see the show making room for someone new.

- Dianna Agron:

Di had a killer storyline for (most) of season one, but once she lost the baby weight she also lost any exciting reason to attend high school. All that's happened is she's been on again and off again with Finn, 'fessed to an ugly past and...not much else.

Plus, with Dianna's blooming big-screen career, she's got bigger and better things to focus on.

So who are you ready to say sayonara to as they head off to the wild college crowd (which, hate to say, probably won't become a spinoff)? We included who we think will be first to finish H.S. as well as some of their other castmates--just to be fair.

Sound off below, but remember: once a Gleek, always a Gleek.


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