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Which Ex-Real Worlder Was Just Elected to Congress? (Hint: It Ain't Puck)

Now here's a house worth staying in--albeit one without a hot tub.
/ Source: E!online

Now here's a house worth staying in--albeit one without a hot tub.

This former Real World: Boston alum managed to persuade a plurality of voters in the cheese-loving state of Wisconsin to elect him to the House of Representatives. Who is it? Read on for some clues...

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A 39-year-old Republican and pro lumberjack athlete (he's a two-time world champion in the 90-foot speed climb; three-time champ in the 60-foot and accomplished log roller), the dude is also an attorney who often got into heated exchanges about politics with his fellow housemates. After his stint on MTV's pioneering reality series, he appeared on the cable net's Road Rules: All Stars in 1998 where he met his wife, The Real World: San Francisco star Rachel Campos.

He also popped up on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons in 2002 and in some lumberjack contests on ESPN's Great Outdoors Games, all the while serving as special prosecutor, then district attorney in the Badger State's rural Ashland County, where he's from.

He and Campos are now the parents of six young children. But being a busy dad didn't stop him from running and winning 52 percent of the vote in Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District on Tuesday, making him the first Real Worlder elected to Congress. So just who is this guy?

Why it's Sean Duffy!

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