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Where in the World Are Gary Coleman's Ashes?

Gary Coleman is resting in peace, all right...on an office desk in Utah.
/ Source: E!online

Gary Coleman is resting in peace, all right...on an office desk in Utah.

A spokeswoman for the late Diff'rent Strokes star's ex-wife, Shannon Price, tells E! News that a third-party lawyer charged with overseeing Coleman's estate still has his ashes.

But Shannon hopes a court will approve her request to be named Coleman's common-law wife, which would pave the way for her to gain control of his assets and fulfill what she believed were the late actor and train enthusiast's final wishes.

And those are?

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"Shannon wants to do a road trip and honor Gary's wishes to spread some of his ashes on the Golden Spikes, and she wants to put some in a necklace around her neck, so she always has Gary with her," said Price's rep, Shiela Erickson.

That, however, will ultimately be up to a judge who must decide whether to grant Price common-law status on the grounds that the two cohabitated even after she and Coleman were divorced. Right now, per the terms of Coleman's last official will at the time of his death on May 31, 2010, his former business manager and girlfriend Anna Gray is the sole executor.

Robert Jeffs, the third-party attorney in possession of Coleman's remains, did not return E! News' calls seeking comment.

Said Erickson: "I did not know they were divorced, not until the night before it was made public after his death. He always called her his wife...He never wanted the divorce."

The next hearing over Price's petition is set for April 19, after which the person awarded control over Coleman's ashes will be able to find a permanent home for them.

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