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Where does Lisa Rinna keep her vintage gown collection? Her garage, of course

Wedged behind a gasoline can, Rinna showed off her gorgeous vintage gown collection on Wednesday's episode of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."
/ Source: TODAY

On Wednesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Lisa Rinna showed off her extensive and gorgeous vintage gown collection. But the location of the chic and stylish garments may surprise you.

"It's so silly, but it's here in the garage," she told her daughter, Delilah Hamlin, via FaceTime

Her daughter, 23, responded, "The fact that it's just sitting in your garage..."

"You know what, I got to deal with this situation," Rinna responded. "I'm not kidding. All my good dresses are down here. It's even on a wire hanger!"

Rinna, 58, was showing off her extensive collection in hopes of passing along some of the items to her daughters, who are both budding models and fashion entrepreneurs themselves.

"Some parents pass along gun collections, stamp collections," she explained during an interview. "I pass along vintage dresses."

She added, "No one's ever asked me for them and no one's ever said, 'I want to wear them.'"

On why they're in the garage, Rinna explained, "You don't want those dresses in your main closet because there was no room... at least not in my main closet. So it is in the garage, and it's not fancy, and it's dirty and it's not cute."

"But they're all protected, they're covered, and they're fine," she added. "Now I've got locks and padlocks and things on those doors, so don't think about coming for my dresses! They're locked away."

10th Annual "Soap Opera Digest Awards"
Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

The first dress she showed off was a Herve Leger black and diamond beaded gown she wore to the 10th annual Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1994.

"This dress was $5,000 when we bought it, so it's got to be worth probably $20,000 now," she explained to her daughter. "It's an original Herve Leger. I mean, they don't even make them anymore."

Next, she showed off a Versace gown that Gianni Versace designed for her himself when she was pregnant with Delilah on the red carpet at a 1998 Oscars party. "I'm like an organized hoarder," she said. "I knew exactly where it was."

1998 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals
Lisa Rinna during the 1998 "Vanity Fair" Oscars party.Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

"When we finally got the dress with my pregnancy, I'd gotten bigger and it didn't fit in the back," she said during an interview. "So Harry runs down to the garage and gets a pair of pliers, and somehow is able to fix the dress in the back and make it fit, of course."

Last up, Rinna showed off a white Gucci dress designed by Tom Ford, which was hiding behind a gasoline can.

"You guys always thought I was weird, and now you all of a sudden think I'm cool because you realize what good s--- I have," she said to her daughter, who gushed over the prized possessions in her mother's closet ... we mean garage.

1996 Carousel of Hope
Lisa Rinna during the 1996 Carousel of Hope in Los Angeles, California.Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

"I worked hard for these dresses; I bought them myself, and I'm an only child. I don't like to share. So the fact that I've saved these dresses to share with the girls, it's a big deal for me."

She added, "My expectations are not high. I think it's gonna be one Instagram shot and forgotten about."

And she may be on to something. In January, Rinna shared an Instagram photo of Delilah wearing the Versace gown she wore when pregnant with her. She captioned in the pic in part, "Can you Believe?!"