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What to watch on HBO Max: New original series and must watch movies

From fan favorite shows like "Friends" to new originals, HBO Max has a lot to choose from.
/ Source: TODAY

HBO is set to launch its new streaming platform, providing even more viewing options during the time we need it the most.

With its library filled with HBO originals, Cartoon Network series, anime from Crunchyroll, classic movies and new shows, where should you get started? Here are some of TODAY’s recommendations for starting your HBO Max binge. Grab your snacks, get comfy and enjoy!

When will HBO Max be available?

May 27

Is HBO Max free?

HBO Max will cost $14.99/month at launch, and $11.99/month to preorder.

Popular HBO Max shows: New originals



Join YouTube star LaurDIY in her kids' crafting competition show. Contestants ages 9-15 will race to create the best craft possible for a chance at a grand prize. If you’re a fan of "Making It," this competition is for you.


"Love Life"

Anna Kendrick stars as Darby, a woman navigating dating and finding love in New York City. This romantic comedy is sure to hit you in the heart as Darby discovers how the people in her life make her who she is in her journey.


"On the Record"

Receiving high reviews at Sundance, "On The Record" follows the powerful story of Drew Dixon as she comes to her decision to be the first woman of color to publicly accuse Russell Simmons of sexual assault during the #MeToo movement.


"Justice League: The Snyder Cut"

Fans of DC comics, rejoice! After having to step away from the original project, director Zack Snyder's unreleased "Justice League" will see the light in 2021 on HBO Max.

Fan favorite shows



After departing Netflix, the beloved series returns to streaming on HBO Max. Reunite with the friends at Central Perk while reliving iconic moments such as the unforgettable “We were on a break!”

Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.

"Big Bang Theory"

Our favorite comedic neighbors return. Take a moment to hang out with Sheldon, Penny and Leonard one more time as they navigate those socially awkward moments we loved so much.


"Big Little Lies"

If you missed it the first time, here's your chance to join the mothers of Monterey as they become intertwined in a murder investigation, in the Emmy-winning thriller.


"Doctor Who"

Join the Time Lord and his TARDIS on his explorations of the universe. Adventures wait with HBO streaming 11 seasons of the BBC show, starting with the Ninth Doctor.

Beloved movies

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Considered one of the greatest films of all time, "Casablanca" comes to the streaming platform. Revisit the romantic classic as you follow the story of Ilsa and Rick and his decision on whether to help her and husband escape Morocco.


"Spirited Away"

For the first time, all 21 Studio Ghibli films come to a streaming service in the United States. Fall in love with Chihiro, a young heroine who must free her family in the magical world of spirits, and join her adventure to return home.


"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"

Based on the novel by Ann Brashares, this 2005 flick follows the long-distance friendship of Carmen, Tibby, Bridget and Lena — and the pair of miraculous jeans that keep them together.