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When is Spotify Wrapped available and how do you see yours?

Calling all Spotify Wrapped fans!
Finding 2021 Spotify Wrapped Lists
Wondering how to find Spotify Wrapped and when it comes out?TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
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And that’s a wrap!

With the year drawing to a close and many audiophiles wondering when their Wrapped results will come out, on Wednesday, Spotify released its annual, personalized look at how its users listened to music over the past year. The streaming service’s 2021 Wrapped experience allows listeners to see the songs, artists and podcasts they streamed the most in 2021.

This year’s Wrapped also includes some fun, new features, such as revealing a listener's unique “Audio Aura” and creating customized movies based on listening habits.

What is Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped includes personalized roundups created by Spotify of listeners’ most-streamed artists, songs, podcasts and music genres. Streamers can listen to their most-streamed tracks of the year in “Your Top Songs 2021,” a custom playlist auto-generated by Spotify that reflects users' listening patterns.

Wrapped also includes a playlist called “Your Artists Revealed,” which serves up songs and interviews from users’ top artists from the past year.

How to find Spotify Wrapped

People can view their 2021 Wrapped experience starting Wednesday exclusively in the Spotify mobile app for iOS or Android, the streaming service said in a release.

What’s new in 2021?

Spotify is incorporating some creative, new features in 2021's Wrapped, including “2021: The Movie,” which matches "top songs with classic scenes from a movie" about the user, the company said.

The streaming service is also determining users’ “Audio Aura” based on their "top two music moods." An aura is a “personal energy signature” represented by different colors, according to podcast host and aura reader Mystic Michaela, who helped Spotify create the feature.

For instance, people with purple audio auras are “passionate” music listeners who like to get “amped up, entertained, and moving,” Spotify said. On the other hand, those with a green audio aura are “calm, analytical and introspective” and “gravitate toward complex music to tame their fast-moving minds.”

Spotify is also introducing a “Playing Cards” game that tests a user on his musical listening habits, as well as the "2021 Wrapped Blend," which allows people to compare musical preferences with friends.

How to share Wrapped results

Wrapped “cards” showing users’ top podcasts, songs and artists can be shared via Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

What was streamed most overall in 2021?

In addition to releasing personalized music roundups for users, Spotify also revealed the most-streamed artists and albums overall.

The most-streamed song in the world in 2021 is “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo, followed by “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X and “STAY (with Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI.

Meanwhile, 2021's top artist streamed globally on Spotify is rapper and singer Bad Bunny, followed by Taylor Swift and South Korean boy band BTS.

The most-streamed Spotify podcast around the world is “The Joe Rogan Experience,” followed by Alex Cooper’s advice podcast, “Call Her Daddy.”