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When it comes to music, Hoda knows how to pick 'em

Hoda knows what's hot.

Robin Thicke appeared on TODAY to sing his chart-topping single “Blurred Lines” on Tuesday. That's almost three months after Hoda picked the song as her iHoda selection on May 9.

“You can pick ’em,” Kathie Lee told her.


The catchy song with somewhat silly and somewhat controversial lyrics has dominated the charts for the past seven weeks.

Thicke’s performance revved up TODAY anchors and turned Rockefeller Plaza into a "par-TAY," according to Hoda. Everyone was dancing and singing along, including KLG, who never knows the words to anything.


"I'm the only person in the world who doesn't know it," she explained.

In talking about Thicke's talent, KLG added, "Music just oozes out of every pore on him." But that was a little too gross for her co-host.

"Don't say 'ooze!" Hoda shuddered.

"She doesn't like 'ooze,' she doesn't like 'moist.'

"Or 'hole,'" Hoda added.