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When does sending sexy text messages become infidelity?

Where do you draw the line between flirting and being unfaithful?

That's the question Hoda and Kathie Lee asked Tuesday as they discussed a new Huffington Post poll that indicates emotional infidelity is just as bad as cheating with someone physically.

Both women agreed that sexting with someone — or sending sexy text messages to someone other than your partner — counts as being unfaithful. So does kissing, although the poll revealed gender differences when it came to attitudes on that topic.

Sixty percent of men did not think kissing counted as cheating, while 34 percent of women felt the same way, according to the poll. Hoda thinks that’s because those 60 percent of men don’t want to feel guilty for making out with someone who isn’t their partner.

KLG said when it gets to that point, it's important to own up to your relationship issues.

“If you’re already flirting like that and then you're sexting or you’re kissing, you have major problems in your relationship,” she said. All those actions, she pointed out, are “obviously giving you something you don’t have at home.”

That's when the cheater needs to stop and realize their relationship is in trouble.

“Go back home and fix your marriage, if your marriage matters to you,” KLG said.

Hoda said she thinks it's worse when women flirt or sext with men they know are married.

“I think that’s so sick. Why would they do that? It’s terrible,” she said.

“Because they’re sluts,” KLG said.

“All righty. Case closed," Hoda said.