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This 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle solve stunned Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak called this puzzle "daunting" before the contestant solved it in just a few seconds.
/ Source: Today

One contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” did what few have ever done: solved the final bonus puzzle with only four letters.

Jessie Rebhan, a teacher at an elementary school in Miami, shocked longtime host Pat Sajak Thursday night when she was able to solve her bonus puzzle with just a few seconds left on the clock to guess the remaining nine letters.

Rebhan chose the category “What Are You Doing?” for her final bonus puzzle topic. After she was given the letters R-S-T-L-N-E and chose P-C-D-O, the elementary school teacher had 10 seconds on the clock to solve the puzzle.

"It looks daunting to me," Sajak said after only four letters were on the board before wishing Rebham good luck.

Her puzzle to solve was _ _ _ _ N _ / _ / _ _ _ CER. Rebhan took a few seconds, recognizing that the clue ended in the word “juicer” before she came up with her final answer.

“Buying a juicer!” she guessed with five seconds left, winning the final round and snagging $37,000 to add to her winnings for a final amount of $52,328 as well as a trip to Barbados.

"Of course, it's an easy one," Sajak said after her incredible guess, looking at the camera completely stunned. "I don’t understand this game!"

Sajak wasn’t the only one stunned that Rebhan was able to solve the puzzle with so little letters. Fans of “Wheel of Fortune” shared their own shocked reactions on Twitter when the show aired, amazing at the elementary school teacher’s puzzle-solving skills!

“How the heck did she get that?” one Twitter user asked in a tweet. "Buying a juicer... wow impressed @WheelofFortune.”

Another tweeted, "Wow! 'Buying a juicer' was a fantastic solve in the bonus round!”

Rebhan herself had the perfect reaction to her “Wheel of Fortune” win.

She shared a video on her Facebook page that starts off with the clip of her seemingly hard to solve puzzle. At the end of the clip, Sajak mentions the name of the category again, “What Are You Doing?” The video cuts to Rebhan in the juicer aisle wearing the same outfit from the show, name tag and all.

“Buying a juicer, what else would I be doing?” she said, answering Sajak’s question from the show before flipping it around. “The question now is, what juicer should I buy?”