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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant's 'Streetcar Named Desire' flub may be the worst of all time

A "Wheel of Fortune" contestant's alternative take on the play "A Streetcar Named Desire" resulted in an all-time fail.
/ Source: TODAY

A contestant was one letter away from a win before his racy take on "A Streetcar Named Desire" sent him into the pantheon of "Wheel of Fortune" flubs.

Tuesday's episode featured a contestant named Kevin coming up short in epic fashion when trying to name Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning play to solve the puzzle.

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Kevin's answer, "A Streetcar Naked Desire," had Wheel watchers doing the equivalent of the palm smack to the forehead.

Kevin can take solace in the fact that there has a been "Wheel of Fortune" contestant who lost even when having every single letter of the puzzle shown on the board.

Unfortunately, Kevin's puzzle fail cost him $1,000 and allowed fellow contestant Lisa to swoop in for the win.

"And although you got the right answer, I’d rather see Kevin’s play," host Pat Sajak joked.

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