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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant flubs puzzle AFTER all letters are revealed

It's all in the pronunciation, Jonny.
/ Source: TODAY

Word to the wise: If you're ever a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune," pronounce your words precisely.

Otherwise, you might end up like Jonny, the contestant who got a puzzle wrong even with every single letter revealed.

The nationally televised flub, which happened Monday, found Jonny and his fellow contestants staring at the puzzle answer right in front of them. "Flamenco dance lessons," the letters read.

But when host Pat Sajak called on Jonny, he blew it — and the chance to pocket $7,100.

"Flamingo dance lessons," Jonny responded.

"Sorry," Sajak said after a pause. Then, after another contestant successfully solved the puzzle, Sajak gently offered an explanation to confused Jonny.

"What we all heard was — and I know you didn't mean to say it — but you gave us a 'G' instead of a 'C," the host said. "But we'll look at things and make sure we did things correctly."

After a commercial break, Sajak followed up with a message to fans letting them know the show's crew listened again to Jonny's answer — and, yep, they made the right call. He clearly said the wrong word.

"It was unintentional," Sajak said of Jonny's mispronunciation, "but you have to go by the rules."

Poor Jonny's not the only contestant who's failed to solve the puzzle with all the letters revealed. Back in 2014, an Indiana University student named Julian saw the answer was "mythological hero Achilles," but stumped by the Greek hero's name, he mispronounced it as "A-chill-us."

While some viewers poked fun at Jonny's embarrassing "flamenco/flamingo" mistake, many were simply stunned.

Watch the latest wacky "Wheel" moment unfold in the video above!