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What's Coming Up on Community, Sex-wise, Dragon-wise and Otherwise

Is Jeff (Joel McHale) gonna get with Annie (Allison Brie) or Britta (Gillian Jacobs) soon?
/ Source: E!online

Is Jeff (Joel McHale) gonna get with Annie (Allison Brie) or Britta (Gillian Jacobs) soon?

Why the hell is Chang (Ken Jeong) an elf?!

And who's sexing up Abed (Danny Pudi)?

We've got the answers to these burning Community questions, plus your exclusive first look at Dollhouse babe Enver Gjokaj in his quest to sex up Britta in an upcoming episode of the series:

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Sadly for you Jeff-Britta or Jeff-Annie partisans, a source disappointingly reveals there are no major romance advances for either pairing in the next five episodes. But of course that doesn't mean that love ain't in the air around Greendale Community College. To wit:

Annie hooks up with Abed, while Troy (Donald Glover) watches. All we can tell you is that our little Annie seems to have picked up a few tips about satisfying a woman (yes, a woman) from living over that "marital aids" store, and Abed (yes, Abed) is the lucky recipient of her sexual expertise. It gets complicated, it happens in the Dungeons &Dragons episode airing tomorrow night at 8 p.m., and you will cackle so loudly at this particular sex scene that your cat will hide under the bed.

Chang wants to be with Jeff. Always. Like, living together always. (But then again, who doesn't?) In the Valentine's Day episode, airing Feb. 10 (pictured above), Professor Duncan (John Oliver) has invited himself over to watch a soccer match at Jeff's and Chang shows up uninvited. A source tells us that Duncan is rooting for Liverpool and "Chang has dressed the part as well." Does anybody familiar with "football" (or ftbol as we say around here) have any idea what that means? Because as far as we can tell Chang is rooting for the Santa's elf team.

Britta is getting busy! As we first reported, Britta finds herself seduced by Dollhouse doll Enver Gjokaj in "Custody Law and Foreign Entanglements," and we have your first look at Enver on the show in the photo at the right. And hey look, he's still cute!

Pierce (Chevy Chase) is getting a love interest too. Producers are now casting for a sexy Asian thirtysomething to play Wu Mei Hong Long, a business executive who wants something from Pierce. Is it his heart, his body or his wallet that Wu Mei desires? (Take a wild guess.) We'd wish for Kelly Wu to play this part, except we kinda wouldn't inflict a gig opposite Chevy Chase on anyone we actually like. (What? Like you haven't heard the stories too.)

Now, tell us: What else do you guys have to do on Thursdays at 8 p.m. that's better than Community. Nothing! (C'mon! Skip 30 minutes of Idol; we promise it will be exactly the same show when you get back.) And are you team Jeff-Annie or team Jeff-Britta? Or team Britta-Annie? Hit the comments!

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