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What's Better Than Twilight? Underworld, According to Some (Including Kate Beckinsale)

Kate Beckinsale likes her black latex just fine, thank you very much.
/ Source: E!online

Kate Beckinsale likes her black latex just fine, thank you very much.

"I don't mind being the grandmammy of vampires, actually," she said today at the Underworld: Awakening panel at Comic-Con, when asked if it bothered her that she doesn't glitter, like some other vampires on the big screen these days.

"I don't mind being the mature one with no glitter or a shiny bottom," Beckinsale laughed. "Cruise along on that one."

We would have, but we were already stuck on what she said earlier in an obvious reference to the Twilight Saga...

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Hubby Len Wiseman, who directed Beckinsale in the first two films and has served as a producer on all of them, had just been asked how he came up with the lycan vs. vampire drama that propels the series--by a fan, who, incidentally, first thanked him for making a series that "puts Twilight to shame."

"Back in the days when it was a new idea to have vampires and werewolves in the same movie?" Beckinsale cracked. "Imagine that."

Coincidentally, the lovely Brit (who, FYI, looked super smashing today in a black belted minidress) has a daughter with Michael Sheen, who plays Volturi leader Aro.

But, back to Underworld: The 3D sneak peek we saw today, including a challenging fight scene in which Beckinsale's Selene slits multiple throats while sliding on her knee down a hallway, was the only footage that made us duck. Meaning, directing duo Mns Mrlind and Bjrn Stein, who were also on the panel along with Michael Ealy, did a bang-up job on the technical front.

Wiseman also confirmed that there are "lots of lycans" in the film and that Selene has an "unknown daughter."

"I was given a piece of paper in the car that said I couldn't say anything," Beckinsale joked.

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