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What's the best way to get a drink at the bar?

Have you ever gone to a bar and waited forever just to get a glass of wine? Kathie Lee and Hoda feel your pain. Which is why they were particularly interested in a new study out of Germany on the most effective ways to get a bartender's attention. 

Not that the study's advice — "standing there and staring at him until he looks at you," as Hoda explained it — will be of much use to KLG's husband Frank. 

"Snapping and whistling are the two thing Frank likes to do," KLG said, of how her hubby tries to flag down a bartender. "He doesn't think it's offensive. He has no idea."

And Frank doesn't mind snapping and whistling to get KLG's attention either.

"It's offensive when he does it to me. It's offensive!" she cried. 

To get the best service in a timely fashion, the study recommends that you simply stand with your shoulders square to the bar, facing forward and making eye contact with the bartender.

But KLG isn't buying it. She thinks breaking your wallet is the answer.

"Our Italian hairdresser who was a bartender at the Jersey shore for ten years suggests you flash the cash," said KLG.