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What's Another $500,000 to Randy Quaid?

Everywhere Evi Quaid goes, Randy Quaid is sure to follow.
/ Source: E!online

Everywhere Evi Quaid goes, Randy Quaid is sure to follow.

A Santa Barbara judge went ahead and forfeited Randy's $500,000 bail today after determining that the wannabe resident-of-Canada could have made an appearance at a hearing in SoCal this week but chose not to.

Evi's $500,000 bond was already forfeited because she's free to come and go from Canada as she pleases and still chose to skip the hearing, so that makes $1 million down the drain for the couple--just this week!

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Superior Court Judge Donna Geck has issued another $500,000 warrant for Randy's arrest, which is on hold until Nov. 16--his next scheduled appearance in her courtroom.

"At this time Randy does not owe anything," a law-enforcement source tells E! News. "Although a warrant has been issued for his arrest, the warrant is still in the court file and is not in the system. Therefore, he is free to travel without risk of arrest prior to Nov. 16."

The Independence Day star has a Nov. 8 date with Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board to continue the process of seeking asylum with the our neighbor to the north to escape the "star whackers" and other nefarious types out to get celebrities in the U.S.

The board has already determined that Evi has Canadian citizenship.

The Quaids, who once upon a time we never heard a peep from, are charged with felony vandalism, trespass and (just Evi) resisting arrest for allegedly taking up messy residence in a Montecito home they used to own.

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