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What you see in this optical illusion reveals something about your personality

Is this a picture of the back of a young girl's head or an elderly man's face? The answer will tell you something about yourself.
/ Source: TODAY

This optical illusion not only will test your powers of perception — it also may tell you something about your personality.

In the latest visual puzzle from Playbuzz captivating the internet, it's all about whether you see one of two images when looking at the picture.

Is your first reaction that it's the back of a young girl's head, or the face of an elderly man?

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The answer provides some insight into what type of person you are, according to Playbuzz.

If you saw the young girl, it means you are "optimistic and beaming with positive energy," you enjoy helping others and you are "strong and resolute," but that you also "have a tendency to be impetuous" and make impulsive decisions.

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If an old man's face was the first thing that came to your mind, it means you are "calm, honest and faithful," and people think of you as a trustworthy person. It means you are a leader who makes thoughtful decisions, but that you also may be stressed out because "your meticulous personality binds you to be a bit of a perfectionist."

Now that you know whether you are Team Girl's Face or Team Old Man's Face, go forth and impetuously spread energy or make a calculated decision to be less stressed out.

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