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What Will Lady Gaga Wear to the Grammys?

What kind of crazy thing Lady Gaga will wear to the Grammy Awards on Sunday? --Spe966, via the inbox
/ Source: E!online

What kind of crazy thing Lady Gaga will wear to the Grammy Awards on Sunday? --Spe966, via the inbox

Now, Madonna may go through well defined phases--ghetto rodeo clown, Bosch-Meets-Jean-Harlow, etc. But Lady Gaga does not.

There is no traceable thread running between Lemonhead Spacegirl, Neo Noir Cronenberg Widow and Protojerky Fabulous.

Still, I did speak to a person close to Gaga's personal circus, and, well, you'll just have to read it to believe it:

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The person is Laurieann Gibson, who works with Gaga as a choreographer and creative director, and who will soon get her own show, The Dance Scene, here on E!. I spoke to Gibson this week, in between final rehearsals for Gaga's Grammy blowout.

I asked her about what we might expect from Gaga's act--she plans to perform her new single, " Born This Way."

"To act like you will know where this is going is completely preposterous," Gibson responded. "Don't expect what you think you know about this artist, because, you know, it's greatness."

Well, yes. But is it lemonhead spacegirl greatness? Lean protein greatness ?

Gibson declined to discuss any such details, indicating that if she did that, the moment might slip into, in her words, "mediocrity."

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"To be specific like that, it would mean I am not great myself," she said. "This type of performance is based on an emotional reaction from the first time you see it. This is such an original moment."

Fair enough.

If there is any credible hint out there at all right now, it's the one photo we've got of Gaga's new album cover. How might we categorize that look? Other than, you know, "Ke$ha?"

This B!tch won't speculate. I would hate for the whole performance to slip into mediocrity because of me.

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