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What’s in the stars for celebs in 2006?

Horoscopes for Jessica Simpson, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and more
/ Source: Access Hollywood

When celebrity news breaks in 2006, Access Hollywood will have it for you immediately.

That's because we are prepared for everything to come in the new year, thanks to the talents of our celestial detective and queen of the cosmos Shelley L. Ackerman.

To find out what will happen in '06, there's just one place to look: up.

The astrologically gifted Ackerman weighs in with the following predictions for you favorite stars in the new year:

First up, Brad & Angelina.

“I have always felt this was never going to be an extremely long-term situation,” Shelley explained.

However when it comes to Angelina pregnancy rumors, our astrologer gets bad reception.

“Inconclusive. I'm leaning toward no, not this minute,” Shelley said.

Interesting, however, is how compatible as a foursome Brad, Angelina, Vince and Jen are.

“I'm telling you they should do a movie together,” she suggests.

When it comes to Kevin Federline, beware Britney — Shelley says his Venus could veer off course.

“Fidelity is never going to be his strongest suit,” she revealed. “He has a Venus, Pluto opposition and he will tend to triangulate and I don't know if Britney is going to stand for that.”

Britney stand for triangulation? Never!

“Britney's a Sagittarius with Libra rising and the moon in Aquarius. I am putting my money on her for a rebirth, literally and figuratively,” Shelley predicts. “She is very, very powerful and she is going to come back fighting for her image and her career.”

What about some predictions for Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson?

Shelley says it's written in the stars that Jess will be the first one to find love again.

“Cancers generally don't like to let go,” she said of Simpson. “I know that if it isn't this year, definitely by 2007 there is going to be somebody that she is really head over heels about.”

And as for Nick?

“Jupiter is in his sun sign and I think he is going to have, if he doesn't get a big paycheck from Jessica, something else is going to happen professionally that is going to end up working out very well for him,” Shelley said.

Then it was time for some “Desperate” predictions.

“Eva is a spit fire,” Shelley said.

Well, we certainly don't need to consult the heavens for that. But to see whether she and beau Tony Parker are compatible, we turn back to the galactic guru.

“His moon is Pisces. They both have Venus in Aries. I think they could have a really, really good time together.”

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