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'What Not to Wear' host: I vomited between reveals

"What Not to Wear" hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly have worked hard during the show's 10-year-run. Maybe a little too hard at times. In a clip from the series finale that TLC is sharing with TODAY, Kelly reveals that he and London had each taken only one — one! — sick day in all that time.

"I was so sick during their final reveal," Kelly said of one episode featuring a Washington couple, "I was literally vomiting between their final reveal looks."

A flashback scene showed "The Chew" host looking rather ill and seemingly barely able to keep from throwing up. 

As for London, she said that during one show in Miami, she needed a root canal: " (During the final reveal) I was pouring Jack Daniels all over my tooth and down my throat to keep from screaming in pain."

Kelly couldn't resist taking a crack at his long-time on-screen partner: "They were like, 'Does she always smell like booze?' I was like, 'Every day!' "

During the two-hour series finale, the two will also reminisce about other memorable moments and visit past makeover subjects as they take a road trip to Las Vegas for the show's big farewell bash. And after more than 325 head-to-toe makeovers, the stylish duo will find their final candidate at the Venetian, where the shindig is being held.

The "What Not to Wear" series finale airs Friday at 9 p.m. on TLC.