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'What Not To Wear' fashion victim risks production with her bad attitude

The fashion victim on the next episode of "What Not To Wear" gives an even better example of how not to behave. It seems camouflage queen Courtney doesn't see a problem with her Field & Stream-ready ensembles, and even though she agrees to be on the show, she isn't happy about it.

In a sneak peek TLC's sharing exclusively with TODAY.com, "WNTW" experts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have obviously had about enough of her attitude.

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Exclusive look: Behind the scenes of 'WNTW'

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Exclusive look: Behind the scenes of 'WNTW'

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"You have got to start answering us in more than monosyllables," London said as she looked on at the not-so-cooperative woman. "You know, you may tell us to go screw off at the end of this, which is also OK, but you can't tell us to screw off unless you've proven that you don't like anything else. And we haven't gotten there with you yet."

After a fair bit of prodding and very little talking, Courtney decided she maybe, kind of, sort of doesn't hate the outfit they picked out for her — at least the shirt.

But with her final reveal just a day way, the pros weren't convinced they were making any progress. So, for the first time ever, "WNTW" offers viewers a look behind the scenes to see what they — and executive producer Jo Honig — had to say when Courtney wasn't around.

"I don't think that she's ready for this show. I don't think she's ready for this experience," Kelly insisted.

And when Honig suggested that they had to finish, he wasn't so sure.

"Do we have to finish it?" he asked in all seriousness. "Does she want to finish this process? I don't get the feeling from her that she actually wants to be doing this."

Honig remained slightly optimistic.

"We have to see what happens," she said. "If it's a disaster, we don't air the episode."

Well, it must not have been a complete disaster. Courtney's episode of "What Not to Wear" airs Friday at 10 p.m. on TLC.